Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly: Day 6 #31DBBBDay6 with @problogger

Mobile-friendly blogs ensure that you give your readers the best experience (WordPress/browsers make it likely that it’s good, but it’s good to make it the best – and may allow mobile advertising revenue).

Today’s Task

  • Is your site already mobile-friendly? Then investigate plugins, etc. to enhance the reader experience.
  • Go to your phone/tablet. Try navigating your own blog – get into the depths. See what the experience feels like.
  • Look at the blogs of others in your niche – see what other bloggers use & what readers are interacting with. See what you like/don’t like.
  • On your computer – look for ‘mobile blog’ or ‘mobile version’ and see what tools others are recommending.
  • Darren uses to ensure the WordPress blog works on mobile platforms.  (I thought we had this too, but we definitely haven’t got a paid version. $49 seems good value)

Further Tools

What more?

  • Look at the plugins that others are using, and what use you are making of yours … have you missed features?
  • Look at how your site handles images etc online. And how does the content work for time-strapped mobile readers?

“How do your post titles appear when they’re listed in your blog’s mobile interface? Do they demand the readers’ attention? Do they tell readers what they’ll get if they click on the link?”

  • Consider blogging on the go yourself – find the right app/plugin that allows you to write on the move.

Monitoring Mobile Use

  • Keep an eye on the stats for your site. How many people are accessing the site via mobile? Is the number increasing as you improve your mobile offering?
  • Survey your users – where/why/how are they accessing their posts – and do you therefore need to change your content somewhat?

Further Reading

I’ve a little catching up to do on this, after slow connections last week, and meetings today!

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