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As I prepare to preach a four week sermon series on the book of Job I am overwhelmingly nervous about telling the story.  The book of Job is one of the longer books of the Bible.  The story is intricate and emotionally charged.  And I’m pretty sure that many Christians have never read the whole thing.  I could be wrong about that, but I don’t think I am.  Yet, we all think that we know the story.  And in four weeks we will only read snippets of it in worship.  This leaves huge swaths of the story to be told in my own words!

I wish I could be transported back centuries ago, way before the book was ever read, and listen to the story.   Countless people sat at the feet of those they loved and trusted and listened to them tell the story of a man with integrity, a man in whom God had faith, and a man who had faith in God.   How can I in a generation of soundbytes even begin to do justice to this story?

The stories of God are so very important.  To know them, to be able not just to read them, but to tell them is important.  And to tell them in a way in which they will be heard is even more important.  So I have made a decision. I will tell the story of Job in worship through song, prayer and preaching.  I will talk about Job with the people I encounter throughout the week.  And in a world of soundbytes, status updates and 140 characters I will tell the story of Job through social media.

We have such a unique opportunity in our time to reach many more people than we ever have before.  I might not be the most eloquent story teller of my time, or any time for that matter.  But stories are meant to be told.  Not just by those who can tell them best, but by those who believe in their power and their truth for our lives.  By telling the stories of God in whatever ways possible, we are placing ourselves in the middle of God’s story.  We are claiming the stories for ourselves.

May we all find a story to tell.  One that is bigger than ourselves.  Bigger than our medium.  Bigger than we think we can handle.  And may we all be nervous about telling it because it is so very important.

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