Promote a Blog Post: Day 3 #31DBBBDay3 with @problogger

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Advice on Promoting Posts (don’t use on every one)

  • Seek to promote individual posts within your blog, rather than the blog as a whole.
  • Ask another blogger to link to your post (11 ways to ask)
  • Use Twitter/Facebook to promote your post, not by reposts, but by building a network who will RT you
  • Promote selected links on Digg, etc. (2008 guide to Digg – it’s changed significantly since then)
  • Consider where you can provide internal links to your posts, including a ‘latest posts’ bar.
  • Email newsletter lists – let them know what’s new.
  • other blogs’ comments sections and forums: Leaving helpful and insightful comments on forums or other blogs can be great at driving traffic if your comment is genuine, relevant and sensitive to the discussion. Leaving a link is sometimes appropriate provided it is highly relevant.
  • Consider changing your email signatures to recent posts, rather than home page.
  • “Write a new post on your blog that picks up where your last one left off”…. Or write a #digidisciple post that refers back to someone else’s. This builds momentum, and increases chances of comments.
  • Consider paying to advertise particularly strong blog posts (Stumbleupon)
  • If you have an exceptional post, consider pitching it to mainstream media.
  • Consider rewriting/tweaking posts for article writing posts.

Work with this 1-2 posts per week, allow others to grow organically.

Today’s Task

  • Pick a suitable blog post and undertake some of the above suggestions, usually researching (well) other bloggers and asking them to link to your blog.
  • It can be uncomfortable to promote your work, but promotional work pays dividends … it’s rare to have a #luckybreak! E.g. I will refer to posts within public talks, where it offers a good example

Creating Lists

  • Where do you have a social media presence online? Where are the opportunities to promote your posts?
  • List connections who may be open to cross-promoting your posts.

Be relevant. Use your best content!

Social Media

  • Autopost material to Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed.
  • Offers example of @brainpickings (just RSS feed posts) & @brainpicker which is more interactive. The importance of a clear bio to know what you’re going to engage with.
  • Use the interaction areas to highlight particularly interesting posts, and reference in newsletters, etc.

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