Telling our stories from #cnmac12 #digidisciple

  I always look forward to attending the Christian New Media Conference. It has, for the three years it’s been running, been a great time for catching up with old Twitter friends as well as putting faces to those names you’ve seen floating around in the social media environment! A chance to catch some great seminars and to get excited about the endless creative possibilities and warnings of being a digi disciple! Each year I have documented with a feature video gaining others insights into the day, to bring a sense of what it’s like to be there and to remind me of what I have learnt. This year I was able to contribute to the conference by time keeping and video making for Bexs! This meant a lot of the time sitting down the front row- like some keen bean! The main  speaker featured in my video @SheridanVoysey shared  great insight of telling your story, no matter how insignificant you think, as you never know who you will encourage/strengthen with it, especially in regards to sharing your trails of faith. He spoke of how Jesus told stories to help others understand more about God…how we have such great creativity to do the same.He spoke on how people are longing for a story to live by.. which story should we point them to? (Jesus’?)

Really inspiring stuff. It has challenged me to think more about how I can share things in my walk of faith.

This challenge also came from others of Twitter who voiced : ” EVERY story has worth. Our God is the God who wastes nothing.” We were also told to undo our sandles and remove our socks for evangelism! ” Take up the challenge to go into new places and share the gospel ! Crossing boundaries…lets think outside the box!”

Enjoy my video below!

Favourite Tweets from seminars:

“Twitter gives access to the bible verse: tribes, peoples, nations….”

“Wouldn’t it be great to have nibbles in these sessions! Just putting it out there, easier to concentrate with a biscuit in my hand!” (referring to the lack of biscuits at the conference!)

“Love and respect go hand in hand … social engagement is about listening to others then responding in love.”

“…Never feel “my story” has worth.. but stories are powerful, you can relate to them, help and inspire. Maybe I should blog more!

“We are the last generation to remember what it was like not to have mobile phones and technological noise.”

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