‘Write a List Post’ #31DBBBDay2 with @problogger


So, onto day two of Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to a Better Blog. For those others of you who are going to follow it too, note the hashtag at the top (Darren offers a hashtag for each day, so we can see what others using the plan are doing).

Why use lists?

  • The ‘hottest’ content on bookmarking sites (Digg, etc.) are those that are written in this format, and therefore more likely to go viral/encourage engagement.
  • Online readers are lazy. Lists are easy to scan.
  • Lists stop the blogger rambling, as each point has to have a clear start/finish.
  • Lists look neat, and therefore easier to read
  • Lists, when written well, can be comprehensive & not dumbed down
  • Present arguments in a more persuasive, concise, manner
  • Aids writing as you work things into bite-sized pieces
  • People like sharing lists (but ensure that isn’t all you post)

Today’s Task: Write a List Post

  • Ideas:
    • Step-by-step explanation of the procedure
    • Collection of ideas/people
    • A ranked selection of concepts/sites, etc.
    • 1) Be blunt and tell it like it is, with little more than the list itself.
      Example: 21 ways to write posts to grow your blog traffic
    • 2) More like an essay, but points are broken down into numbered lists
      Examples: 10 ways to take better photos
    • 3) Use lists within other blog posts, which can make it easier for others to skim content.

Some topics lend themselves to lists easier than others.

Some Examples:

Need Inspiration?

  • Look on Digg, or Deliciousfor inspiration
    • Many top articles will be lists.
    • Search for keywords related to your area of interest, and see what others have written about – use as starting points.
    • Mind-map a range of possible points. Use to refine – merge/sift out the gold for your list.
    • Lists may seem too simple, but can be very effective.
      Matt Garland is described as a master of in-depth list posts.

      • There are different styles of list posts on the blog, but consistency of formatting within a list post, otherwise the cohesion is lost.

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My current ideas for list posts …

  • 10 great Bible apps
  • 15 suggestions for #digidisciple posts
  • Step-by-step guides to using particular software to help build communication/improve our discipleship journey.
  • 7 things you didn’t know about this #digidisciple

What else might you submit as a list post? Let’s encourage each other with ideas, shares, and comments!

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