‪An App for the Justice Generation #Digidisciple @hollypoulter

I thought about trying to avoid talking about what goes on at work, for fear it will look like Tearfund plugs, but some things are just too exciting.

Yesterday, our Youth Team launched the new Rhythms website and app – helping people change their lifestyles for the good of our planet. Because there’s a new generation of revolutionaries, and they are right there in our churches.

A Justice Generation from Tearfund on Vimeo.

You can sign up to one of four rhythms: Connection, Advocacy, Generosity, and Contentment. Over a month, the app suggests daily actions that will help the user to develop the rhythm in their lives.  Some are easy actions, some are hard.  People can share actions with friends and practise their lifestyle rhythms in groups.  They all add up to form a pattern of life that leaves the user – and the world around them – a little different.

‪A few examples…

Clean up your community – Walk through the shared spaces in your neighbourhood with a rubbish bag and pick up rubbish

Find five – Write a list of 5 people and commit to praying for them every day for a week

Surprise – Surprise someone with a fair-trade gift

Put pocketing – Write out encouraging things on pieces of paper, wrap them around a sweet and try to give them to people without them noticing.

Wake up and smell the coffee – Ask your favourite coffee shop to stock Fairtrade coffee

Facebook for change – Post a fact about a justice issue as part of your Facebook status every day for a week

Users can get stuck in on their own or in groups of friends, and find fun ways to start making some changes that will add up to challenge some of the world’s biggest injustices.‪

‪Already, even before the app was launched yesterday, 1900 people – including Pete Greig and Nicky Gumbel – have signed up to the online community at www.rhythms.org to start to explore what it means to live differently.

‪This is such an exciting time, and it’s great that we can use the technology at our fingertips to do more for our world than getting a top score on Bike Baron, as fulfilling as that is.

‪We can use technology to mobilise a generation of people who put others before themselves, speak out for justice and actively try to make the world a better place for the next generation.

‪Oh, and it’s free.

About Holly Poulter

Holly Poulter works as a Press Officer for Christian international aid agency Tearfund, and runs an wedding and event planning business, 'Pretty, Please Events'. She lives in Surbiton, Surrey with her husband James and bi-polar cat. Big fan of popcorn, coffee and duvets.