Blog-Post Round-Up October 15-31st 2012

Our #digidisciple(s) have continued to provide excellent content, and below, we’ll attempt to summarise by theme.


Kate Bruce challenged us to a simple creative exercise, identifying our imaginings of God. Pam Webster encouraged us to share our stories, the narratives of our walk with God.

Before World Food Day, Tear Fund called for us to consider the links between climate change and world hunger. At #CNMAC12, one of the sessions asked what a central message of the conference appeared to be at the halfway point, and we prepared for our first session (the previous one unfortunately cancelled) of our Saturday Sessions by interviewing William Atkinson.


With the issues with CODEC staffing, we are strongly considering that we may have to abandon our plans for Advent, and will instead, as before, promote what others are doing (which is something we love to do anyway). We will then focus in on #BigRead13.


Bex considered how online has helped with ‘the story of a blended move’, whilst Robb Sutherland considered what it means to be a ‘public Christian’, and how the digital has changed that dynamic. Darren Hill encouraged us to provide ‘Good News’ via our lives online. Ned Lunn gave us a cautionary tale as to what happens when we forget that digital is not the only way to communicate.

As we seek to understand ‘community online’, we are encouraged to think what ‘living locally’ looks like. Paul Blakey asked ‘what would God’s kingdom look like in this situation?’, including a challenge to take an interest in the stories that are being told on Facebook, Twitter (and blogs). Sara Batts popped in from her PhD writing to discuss what it means to engage with Twitter as a conversation. Thomas Mathie then challenged us to remember that not all have this ‘shiny tech’. Steve Blundell then considered for those of us who do have the tech, how we can use it to enhance our personal Bible study, and Lorraine Wall-Jones wondered if the Jimmy Saville story would have been different with better digital literacy.

We interviewed a number of speakers in advance of #CNMAC12: Rev David Green, Andy Robb, Benjamin Ellis, Sheridan Voysey and Dr Bex Lewis in advance of CNMAC12. The Church Sofa, as well as questioning the price of a Retweet, reflected on his participation, via Twitter only, for #CNMAC12.

We grabbed a couple more post-#CNMAC12 interviews with award winners Believer’s Brain and FreeBibleImages, and you can access Andrew Flynn’s talk.Helen Nicholls gave us access to the videos that she had collected throughout the day, to aid the final session.


Bex has been working her way through various aspects of Darren Rowse’s “31 Days to a Better Blog” – some days are more complete than others, but there’s plenty to confirm much of what we’re doing, and other areas of challenge which need to be built into the timetable. The Social Media site one was pretty straightforward!

The Catholic Church is strongly urging its members to use social media as part of ongoing communication, whilst we offered some simple tips on using Dropbox.


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