‘Create a Sneeze Page for Your Blog’, Day 18, #31DBBBDay18 with @problogger


What is a sneeze page? A page that propels visitors to your site into some of the best content that you’ve ever written.

Why would you bother with one?

Over time, 1000s of posts are written (Big Bible is steadily heading for 2000 posts), and older posts get lost, as most software highlights the most recently written, but for well crafted posts, there’s still a place for them later in time:

  1. It shows of your pages, allowing interactions over a longer-time with older posts.
  2. Search engines rank based on links to pages, and count (reasonable number of) internal links in this algorithm.
  3. Creating a sticky blog – people who find e.g. 10 great posts when they first visit are more likely to return and become a regular reader.

Types of Sneeze Pages

  • Themed sneeze pages – e.g. a collection of posts ‘How to find readers for your blog’
    • Includes ‘FAQ’ style posts that are prominent on the front page of the blog, but links to lots of internal posts.
    • Create a ‘normal’ blog post, but utilize a number of hyperlinks within the post.
    • Time related sneeze pages – tend to be collections of ‘best of’ posts, within a certain time-frame – weekly, monthly, etc.   [These are the fortnightly roundup posts that we do]
    • Retro Sneeze Pages – Use these to highlight key content from your archives – typically people do this on 1 year anniversaries, etc.
    • Series sneeze pages – a series of interlinked blog posts developed over time – with a core page linking to/from each page. [This is the kind of thing we aimed to do with e.g. #BigRead12]

A ‘sneeze page’ will only be effective at driving people to other sections of your blog if it is easy to find from ‘hotzones’ on your blog – so take some time to determine where these are and post your content.

Potential Sources of Sneeze Pages

Even with only e.g. 3 months of analytics information from Google, you can identify the most popular posts on your blog, and create a ‘Best of’ from your entire blog content.

Look at ‘FAQ’ e.g. Darren gets asked a lot about wedding photography so has created a sneeze page for that which he can then use in emails to send back to people.

You can also ask your developer to create a custom ‘sneeze’ panel which highlights recent, popular & featured posts, which gives new/regular users quick access to content.

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