Find a Blog Buddy 15 #31DBBBDay15 with @problogger

Some of the best ideas can come from bloggers working together.

A Lesson From Geese

  • Energy is saved by the push-pull aerodynamics of geese flying together.
  • The front bird uses more energy/becomes more tired so leadership of the flock is rotated.
  • If a bird drops out of the flock, at least 2 others will drop to fly with it
  • ‘The power of the honk’ – creating an environment of mutual encouragement – cheering each other on.

Geese can then fly amazing distances without stopping to rest – further than if alone. This is what we have always been keen on, with Big Bible, to get a range of voices encouraging each other on …

The power of collaboration

  • You gain feedback on posts prior to pressing Publish.
  • You have a person to vent to who understands your situation.
  • You can work on projects together.
  • You can share link love.
  • You can share each other’s posts through social media and with other bloggers.
  • You can share communities.
  • You can help each other stay motivated 
through encouragement.
  • You can guest post for each other.
  • You can share each other’s talents.
  • You’ll have twice the blogging power at your disposal.

How to find a blogging buddy

This was essentially what Bex did throughout the first year of The Big Bible Project, and continues to do (she has a few potential #digidisciples to chase up, and some further ideas to encourage conversation/interaction, but that TRULY can’t be done alone!)in creating the wonderful group of #digidisciple(s) that write for Big Bible.

  • Ensure both parties contribute/gain in tangible ways.
  • Seek to find someone working in your niche to develop particular relationships with, but bloggers in any subject can learn from each other.
  • Find someone working at a similar level to you – many people go straight for A-list bloggers, but you can learn more as you face challenges together.
  • Commit to making each other’s blogs better…

Relationships take time to develop

I really like what Darren has written here:

“Build into your daily blogging efforts the task of reaching out to other bloggers in your niche. Look for opportunities to work together to mutual benefit, and over time you might just end up with the kind of blog buddy that I’ve described in this challenge—and without either of you actually asking the other to be a blog buddy.”

Further Reading

This reminds me that I need to update ‘creating bigger Bible conversations’ – we have made a deliberate decision NOT to define conversation as that which happens in our space, but it is really encouraging when comments are made, and there are visible RTs .. but don’t expect it to happen by magic – share amongst your friends, ask others to comment! The amount of commenting which happens on ‘celebrity’ blogs is uncommon! Don’t be disheartened when you don’t have the same experience!

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