#FollowFriday with #Digidisciple: 6 Questions with @pamjweb

Today we meet Pam Webster who has been blogging for The Big Bible Project since July 2011.

Who are you? What’s your role in life? What’s your personal ‘story’ to date?

I’m a Yorkshire lass – which explains a lot!; wife and mother to two 20something young men.  I’m a Methodist Minister, but currently unable to be in active work due to chronic illness – which makes social media both my lifeline and window into the world.

What made you interested in becoming a #digidisciple for Big Bible? What do you feel you’ve gained?

I am by nature a preacher.  Being unable to physically preach at the moment, I use my blog to explore bible passages and their message for us today.  I wrote my dissertation on the Church and the Internet in 1999, so BigBible and being a #digidisciple gives me an opportunity to do combine those two passions and explore how we live faithfully and godly in a digital world.  I’ve gained most from what other #digidisciples have to say.

What are your particular area(s) of interest that you are most likely to blog about for Big Bible?

Well, I said the bible, but I don’t seem to have stuck to that – but as it’s the ‘BigBible’ project, I try and make sure that underpins whatever I say.

What else might we find out about you if we followed your other areas of ‘online presence’?

Well, my blog http://pamsperambulation.wordpress.com/, explores each weeks lectionary readings, and we’re about to start using it for an Advent Book Club.  My other interests are eclectic, but you will see I like watching sport, especially Formula 1 and tennis, and I have a reputation for liking tasting cake…

As we engage with the Bible, how do you think the (stories in the) Bible can inform what we do online, in whatever sense?

The people in the bible were all people seeking to live faithfully for God in their time and place – just like us.  Our calling remains the same as theirs and so their stories can speak into our stories.

Finally, what verse would you send us out with today?

That is a tricky one, just one verse?

I’ll have to go for Joshua 1:8

So be strong and brave! Be careful to do everything my servant Moses taught you. Never stop reading The Book of the Law he gave you. Day and night you must think about what it says.

Always keep your eye on what the bible has to say – but always working out what it means for where you are today.

About pamjweb

I'm a Methodist Minister, currently unable to work because of chronic illness. I love trying to work out what God's word means for us today - and coffee and cake. Social media gives me the opportunity to still have a voice, and interact with the world