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After a couple of days of strong speculation, the appointment of Justin Welby as the Archbishop of Canterbury – from the New Year, is confirmed with an inspiring speech. Just picking up a few of the tweets (they’re moving quite fast!)

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Downing Street is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Welby as the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury http://bit.ly/RJ340c #newABCUK Prime Minister
Wonderful news for the CofE and Anglican Communion with a deep sense of loss for the NE which he has championed so wonderfully #newABCBishop Mark
RT @Number10gov: PM statement welcoming appointment of Justin Welby as Archbishop of Canterbury http://bit.ly/TwRMZi #newABCSteve Jenkins
Paps awaiting the #newabc http://pic.twitter.com/tMCUsrINAndy Walton
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: "I intend, if I am not stopped forcibly, to carry on tweeting" #newabcCharlie
To glimpse @BishopofDurham’s wisdom & humble & courageous leadership, read @LambethPalace’s live updates from his press conference #NewABCDominic Llewellyn
I’ve heard previous Archbishops of Canterbury talk about inclusion. Hopefully +Justin will be the one to make it happen #newabcRobin Fox
RT @drbexl: RT @melbournedean: RT @revkatebottley: +Justin just made the press conference pray #likehimalready #newABCangie smith
Love that @bishopofdurham is clearly so honest … my first response was ‘oh no’ … #newabcDr Bex Lewis
@lizcable for sure! #worldwide http://pic.twitter.com/YoCOycHDDr Bex Lewis
UK trends #newabc http://pic.twitter.com/0gQkwSR7Dr Bex Lewis
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: On same-sex partnerships – "We must have no truck with any form of homophobia, in any part of the Church" #newabcVerity M
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: "I’m very optimistic" about Church growth #newabcStephen Spillane
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: ‘Flexibility is key" in helping to grow the Church #newabcStephen Spillane
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: "In ten days, I will be voting in favour of women bishops" #newabcNic Radford
But churches ARE growing! Thanks for the reminder #newabcAndrew Petiprin
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: "The tasks before us are worship, and the generous sharing of the word of Christ with those in need" #newabcSteven J. Kelly
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: "I want the Church to be a place where we can disagree in love" #newabcΘύρσις
Phew! saw the tag #newABC and, for one horrible moment, thought Tories had privatised the alphabet.Dino Goldie
RT @ThinkingFaith: New #ArchbishopofCanterbury, Justin Welby: "I have been greatly influenced by Ignatian spirituality" #newABCjane trigg
Excellent @bishopofdurham Justin Welby deals with 2 of the most difficult topics immediately @Yes2WomenBishop & homophobia #loveasJesuslovedDr Bex Lewis
RT @c_of_e: #+jw ‘I have huge desire for Christians to respect and love each other but we wont always agree’ #newabc http://pic.twitter.com/d7tZXnfUCatherine Butcher
#newABC Justin #Welby quotes one of our favourite verses in John 17. May we be one, even in our disagreement #unityEvangelical Alliance
Cross made of 2 nails being worn by #NewABC at press conference is nod to reconciliation work he did for these people: http://www.crossofnails.org/home-eng/andrew green
+JW – In Nigeria, I was helping people to "continue to disagree passionately, but without violence" #newabcLambeth Palace
RT @lambethpalace: +JW declines to name his favourite newspaper – "I’ve had too much experience of conflict resolution to do that" #newabcJ.John
I love the way that +JW appears to have tackled head on the main criticisms levelled at him over the past few days of speculation – an example of good engagement with the media, rather than ignoring it!
+JW: "I hope what defines me is my love of Jesus Christ" #newabcLambeth Palace
Church Times: "If your schooling doesn’t define you, what does?" #newabcLambeth Palace
Justin Welby says his schooling (Eton) does not define him. #newABC #pressconferenceKaren Burke
RT @steve_mawhinney: #newABC, Justin Welby @Bishopofdurham, takes his jacket off and rolls his sleeves up for his first press conference. Symbolism not lost.Radio Full Gospel
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: "I have learned so much from the Catholic Church", particularly Roman Catholic social teaching #newabcChristopher Nitzband
RT @StMMChapelfield: "I have a better barber and spend more on razors then Rowan Williams" classic comment. #newabcThe Tablet
RT @c_of_e: #+jw ‘Coventry Cathedral opened my eyes to the church overseas and gave me a passion for reconciliation’ #newABCThe Episcopal Cafe
RT @c_of_e: +jw ‘What defines me? Hope I’m defined because I love and follow Jesus’ #newABCBishop Mark
RT @lambethpalace: +JW asked how he plans to connect with the millions who have no relationship/interest in the church #newabcHayley Matthews
RT @waltonandy: Now he’s quoting the West Wing. Bodes very well #newabcAndy Campbell
#newABC we need a clear intention to grow church; flexibility is important – traditional and cafe style church for exampleCatherine Butcher
RT @drbexl: RT @melbournedean: RT @revkatebottley: +Justin just made the press conference pray #likehimalready #newABCNeil Larkey
RT @lambethpalace: +JW: "The Church grows when we do what we should do properly" #newabcChurch Growth R&D
RT @broganhume: ‘We need flexibility, we need to aim to grow’ – JW #newABCRadio Full Gospel
#News Meet the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby http://firstnews.co.uk/news/meet-englands-top-new-bishop-i8984 #NewABCFirst News
RT @crabstickes: Congratulations Justin Welby #newabc – hard to imagine a man needing more prayer!Radio Full Gospel
RT @lambethpalace: +JW "This is the best kept secret since the last cabinet reshuffle" #newabcDiocese of Durham
RT @markrusselluk: Delighted @bishopofdurham begins his remarks with a prayer #greatstart #newabcRadio Full Gospel
“@davewalker: My job today is to press a button at 11am, thereby activating the new archbishop.”David Porter

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