‘Hunt for Dead Links’, Day 27 #31DBBBDay27 with @problogger

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Blogging is built upon links… but when a link is retired/deleted, etc…. then you need to keep an eye out for ‘link rot’ – can cost:

  1. Readability: Causes reader frustration as run into error pages/redirections – gives impression blog is not kept up to date.
  2. SEO: Dead links are looked upon unfavourably by search engines – which may move you down the page rankings.

Today’s Task

When you don’t have time to manually check all links in your site – consider tools which will help you check for dead links:

Options on Finding a Dead Link

  • Update the link to post to the right content
  • Delete the link (consider noting that you’ve done so), or add new/updated links
  • Delete the post if its main post was to redirect to other content.

Other Fixing Tasks

There are other unglamorous tasks to get involved in:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Formatting

Helps improve user perceptions of the blog.

Further Reading:

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