‘Improve Another Blog’, Day 26 #31DBBBDay26 with @problogger

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We spend so much time focusing on our own blogs, so think about how you might help another blogger achieve their goals:

Today’s Task:

  • Write a high quality guest post that will be useful to another blog’s readers.
  • Leave helpful and insightful comments.
  • Link to the blog and send your readers to it.
  • Promote the blog in social media, perhaps starting a social bookmarking campaign for them.
  • Recommend to your readers that they should subscribe to the blog.
  • Email the blogger with some suggested topics you’d love to see them cover.
  • Introduce them to a potential advertiser.
  • Share with them an affiliate program that has worked for you.
  • Write an email telling the blogger how you found one of their posts helpful.

Ask yourself what needs they might have, and seek to find a way to help. Don’t leave comments on 50 other blogs, just focus on ONE blog – don’t worry if the other person doesn’t notice!

Today’s Notes

Simplest completion of task = leave a comment elsewhere, but try more. Providing a guest post is particularly important as it provides them with a fresh voice, but also exposes your ideas to a wider audience. [I have guest posts promised to a number of other blogs on behalf of Big Bible!!]. If the other blog doesn’t use your content, you can always use it on your own.

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