Join a Forum and Start Participating Day 9 #31DBBBDay9 with @problogger

Trying to find new readers for your blog? Find out where likely readers are gathering online and join that space. Forums allow for:

  • Profile Building: Provide value, demonstrate expertise, and people will look out for your messages
  • Driving Traffic: Consistently provide valuable content, and people will want to know more about you. Where appropriate you can also share relevant links.
  • Understanding your niche: Need inspiration for writing blog posts, check for inspiration. Questions may be repeatedly asked – see if you can write a blog post that answers those needs.

Today’s Task

Join a forum that relates to the topic of your blog. If you already belong to one, spend 10-15 minutes participating in the discussions.

Your main activity should not be to leave links to your blog everywhere. Instead, focus on answering questions, making connections, and generally being as useful as you can to other members of the forum.

Helpful Tips?

Collect a core set of forum links into a folder of favourites – put aside 30ish minutes a day to read other’s posts, and seek opportunities to engage – open the folder and all tabs open. Alternatively, subscribe via RSS.

Generous and helpful contributions (not ‘selling your wares’) will be recognized and build up your reputation.

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