‘Leave comments on others blogs’, Day 20 #31DBBBDay20 with @problogger


Great value can be gained from commenting on other’s blogs … brings much traffic back to own blog … but DON’T SPAM (or even look like spam):

  • find out what other bloggers in your niche are doing
  • read some great content that could spark ideas for your own blog
  • reach out to other bloggers in your niche, as comments are often the start of fruitful relationships
  • create a small doorway to your own blog for the readers of the blog you comment on
  • build your own profile in your niche—every comment is a chance to show your expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the topic.

Today’s Task

Spend 10-15 minutes on other’s blogs taking time to give appropriate comments (see each comment as a reflection on your own work):

  • Keep comments on topic.
  • Let your comment show that you’ve read the post.
  • Say what you like or don’t like about the post.
  • Add an example or another point that the blogger might have missed.
  • Ask a relevant and insightful question.
  • If you include a link to your own blog in the comment, make sure it’s a relevant one that adds to the post and will be useful to those who follow it.
  • Warning: 10 ways comments can harm your blog

#Digidisciples: take this advice on board when commenting within this blog too – we would love to see more comments… feel free to link to your content where appropriate.

Today’s Notes

Consider other places in which you could leave comments, e.g. newspaper websites, forums, etc. but always ensure that your comments are useful.

When running your blog – also keep an eye out for who comments back on your content, if thoughtful – it could be the start of a great friendship!

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