‘Pay Special Attention to a Reader’, Day 22, #31DBBBDay22 with @problogger


“The blogosphere was built on principles of promoting others, conversation, celebrating diversity, open source knowledge and so on.” Celebrate both bloggers and readers…  help make their work better known:

  • “Those you make famous” – by sending traffic to their blog. [We do a lot of this through Twitter, and are developing more, and also the development of #FollowFriday #digidisciple interviews is intended to aid this]
  • “Other readers” – there’s a feeling that if you highlight even just a few readers, that there’s a sense that you value all readers. [Amen]

Today’s Task

Choose one or more current readers, and do something unexpected for them. [Encouragement!].  Examples include:

  • Promote a comment to a post, highlighting the wisdom conveyed, and the person writing it.
  • Write a post about a reader’s blog – highlighting best posts & what you like about it
  • Write a post that links to another great blog post, and encourage your readers to go over and comment on that blog. Consider closing comments on that blog post.
  • Run a project or post that encourages others to submit their own posts – e.g. Darren asked “do you have a Photoblog?” or  “what’s the best picture you’ve ever taken?”. People can comment – traffic is sent to their blog, and they will refer people back to you.
  • ‘Reader of the Week’ – just highlight someone each week [We’re starting with #digidisciple of the week]
  • Like this idea: a ‘social media love-in’ – doesn’t require me to go out & find, but encourages people to submit. Also encourage people to write posts on their own blogs & there share with each other & a central post on your blog.
  • Run a reader poll – on site and/or on Twitter – then feed back results with some thoughts on the nature of those results.
  • Invite guest posts – may encourage further input from others who see ‘others just like themselves’ blogging.

If you don’t have m/any readers, select another blogger and write about them.

Today’s Notes:

Ways to interact are limited only by your imagination

  • Interviews with readers or experts [e.g. Big Bible Interviews & Byers_Andy is seeking theologians to interview]
  • Create an ‘introduce yourself’ post where you ask all readers to introduce themselves/their interest in this blog.
  • A variety of tools/widgets/plugins will allow readers to see what others have read
  • Encourage the use of ‘Gravatars’ to personalize commenters (faces)
  • Give readers a chance to demonstrate their expertise – e.g. ask a question on Twitter – then invite respondees to write a blog post on it.

Yeah, Yeah – celebrating comments, visitors, etc. is not just about celebrating ‘celebrity’ visitors to your blogs, but to demonstrate the contribution that all can make! Great example from Lynn Terry.

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