Prayers for @loozeta & @davidwalljones

I know when people read this, it is like being in the pulpit again preaching to the converted, but something very recently happened that has turned our world upside down, and made us uniquely rely in technology.

I am married to @Davidwalljones and last Tuesday his voice was violently taken away, by a mini stroke. A precision attack any army would have been proud of, he is so reliant on his voice for work, life, praise, you mention it (well he can’t at the moment).

Many things have happened to increase our family stress, and perhaps we need a lifestyle change. One thing I did was to give him his iPhone ASAP. It re-opened the world, he posted, Twittered to the world his status, and more importantly he could communicate with me.

One other Christian, we have never physically met, actually helped create the internet process, by which David and I communicated from his hospital bed, and myself at home, and I was able to thank him.

Then it got me thinking when do we stop to thank God for the Bible, the communication of His Word?

Remember how people tried to prevent the translation of the Bible the resistance to change of the printing process, the Vulgate kept to the elite whom could read and know Latin. Well the Gospel belongs to all it is a gift we have to share.

So to the present day Luddites, probably not reading this anyways, I say; ‘you have no rights to stop the Word of God flowing embrace any technology you can to get God’s love out there’.

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