Set up alerts to monitor what’s happening in your niche Day 10 #31DBBBDay10 with @problogger

Writing on a blog should not be taking up all your time:

include watching, monitoring, reading, and listening to what others are writing or saying on their blogs and social media accounts.

Why be aware of what others are writing?

  • Ideas for blog post topics: “Keeping abreast of what others are writing about gives you an almost unlimited supply of ideas. It also helps you to keep your posts current, since you know what’s buzzing in your niche at any given point in time.”
  • Being aware of breaking news, to respond to as appropriate, and to ensure that you don’t appear ‘out of touch’ to your blog readers.
  • Building your profile and establishing ‘perceived expertise’ – linking to useful, interesting sites demonstrates that you are ‘on the pulse’
  • Networking – knowing about those talking about topics in your niche in short-timeframe means that you can responds and make connections before the topic moves on.
  • Managing your reputation – allowing you to build relationships with those who are saying positive things about you, and manage any negative talk.

Today’s Task

Share the wisdom as to what social media tools you are using.

  • Google Alerts. Choose what kind of content/frequency to be noted about keywords – use words used in your elevator blog to help focus on keywords. We have this set up for ‘Bible’ and ‘Digidisciple’, but I have to say I’m not convinced that the returns are “comprehensive”, but are definitely helpful.
  • There’s a range of apps that will monitor Twitter keywords (although most do the same as search) – however if using for e.g. customer service, Twithawk looks interesting.

What type of alerts to set up?

  • Industry words – e.g. ‘Bible’. Develop a list of words that will give you useful content without overwhelming.
  • Vanity alerts – add your/company name, URLs etc to see if you get mentioned.
  • Note: Try running an alert for a week or so to see if it’s a worthwhile keyword – it takes time to develop a list

Don’t spend so much time monitoring that you forget to write your own content!

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