‘Watch a First Time User Use Your Blog’, Day 17, #31DBBBDay17 with @problogger


OK, I can tell you right now I’ve left it a little late in the day to grab someone for this, but I truly see the value in it, so I will add it to the list of ‘still to do’ from this course:

  • Find someone who’s unfamiliar with your blog, and get them to spend 10-15 minutes with you.
  • Preferably a computer in a room in which you can also be, so you can watch them using the site.

Watching someone use your site

We can become incredibly familiar with our sites, so this is a good exercise to see which bits are not clear to new users (who are then not going to convert to regular readers of your blog). Allow your ‘guinea pig’ 4-5 minutes of wandering around your blog – don’t distract them whilst they’re doing this, but observe the following:

  • How do they navigate?
  • Where do they click?
  • What do they pause to read?
  • What do they skip over?
  • What areas of the blog do they seem most drawn to?

Asking questions about the experience:

After watching, dig a little deeper. Darren recommends, if possible, getting a range of ‘expertise levels’ to use the blog, to allow you to understand how novice blog readers engage as well as experienced bloggers:

  • What did they think first?
  • What did they think your blog was about when they first saw it?
  • Did they find it easy to read, navigate & understand?
  • What did they feel on arriving at your blog?
  • Suggestions they have for improvements from their perspective
  • Questions they have after spending time on your blog
  • Words they’d use to describe the design?
  • What do they remember 10 mins after using the site.

Further Notes

Considering the benefits of CrazyEgg ($9 a month, allowing 10 heatmaps)

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