Why and how I use WOW New Media!

WOW New Media!

Bex suggested that for this post I talk about what I am doing and how I use New Media… First off I must say that I am not a professional new media person… I don’t have a degree in any form of media production…  I don’t use any paid software apart from Adobe Photoshop Elements… For basic videos I use bog standard Windows Live Movie Maker and for recording audio, I use Audacity freeware I also distribute these resources for no charge…

This, I hope shows, that anybody can produce New Media up to a certain standard… With my audio podcasts on my site, we recently passed 500,000 unique visitors and have had almost 400,000 downloads… With regards to Youtube, our channel has had about 90,000 views… I hope you do not take that as any kind of boasting, so please pray that the resources are being used for God’s glory and His glory alone! That is why I rarely publish numbers – it is not my business, but let us glorify God because of them… And that’s my message of my WOWClinic – if I can get that response, anybody can…  As some will know, particularly those who know me, I don’t like to do a whole lot of talking when I can actually show or do what needs to be done…   So without further or do, here is a list of things that I have used New Media to create…

In Seminars such as WOWDisciple Session 2:

Testimonies: Life

We had a member in our congregation, Pat, in hospital long term… So one day at WOWChurch, the seven of us recorded a short video saying hello to her! Then we promptly went and visited her to show her! Then in return, we recorded her sending a message and saying a prayer for the church… That video was used during the service… I won’t put a link to the video as I have not uploaded it anywhere, as I didn’t ask Pat if I could post it online.

  • Community Prayers – such as for April Jones
  • Prayers from Church History – Aethelwold
  • Social Action – No More Page 3
  • WOWChurch – Hannah. I use New Media clips to do the teaching, as it makes it easier to do with a small group of less than 10, rather than standing up and delivering the message.
  • WOWChurch – to hand over things to God

Encourage one another! Alfie and support Alfa, the WOWChurch cat, is named after the cat belonging to friends who went missing! So I named the cat Alfie, so I could empathise with them… About a week after the naming, their cat returned! WOW!

Other purposes for using New Media, including using those who have no other outlet for their skills and talents (such as the 2 retired pastors who contribute regularly to the Podcast site) and in giving  a measure of training others in their skills… It is also my only outlet as I have no church or public platform offline…

For the future – I have been given permission to do a one-off service at our church, and there I will be looking to combine physical church with virtual church… Some people I know who are housebound have asked me to do a worship service online, so I thought I may combine the two… I will be looking to use new media such as video, as well as some form of Facebook/Twitter interaction…

That’s all for now! Probably said too much! Enjoy the videos and links, and if you want help, just ask… If you want to contribute, I am sure I can find a way to get you involved!


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