‘Write a Review Post’, Day 28 #31DBBBDay28 with @problogger


Look at the search terms people are using on your blog – what advice are they seeking when they come to your blog. Providing reviews helps to meet this need.

Reviews demonstrate that you have opinions on a topic – increasing the likelihood that they’ll see you as an authority on a topic that you’re writing about.

Reviews can be relevant to all blogs, e.g. for Big Bible:

  • books
  • movies or TV shows that are relevant
  • another website in our niche
  • an article from a magazine or website
  • a speech given by a politician
  • a gadget/app if you’re a tech blogger
  • an exhibition or gallery

Today’s Task:

  1. Give an opinion – help people make decisions. Give positive feedback, but also don’t be afraid to say if something needs improvement/is below par – building credibility/trust with your audience.
  2. Give a rating – how many out of 10?
  3. Offer balance – positive/negative = helpful/
  4. Think of keywords – write for people, but remember to include name of the product/site, etc and think what people might be searching for…
  5. Make comparisons – if you’ve written other reviews – cross-link posts
  6. Use an affiliate link – some don’t like this – but if it’s a good review driving sales, then get some ££ from it!
  7. Say who it’s good for (it won’t be for everyone) – and provide tips which will help people use it.
  8. Be Personal – share your story & real life pics/video of product in use, rather than marketing pics
  9. Visuals count – pics, videos, screen grabs, diagrams all help

10. Give details about how to purchase (if it is) – how much/where

Today’s Notes

If what you’re reviewing is on Amazon, consider leaving a review there. You’re not allowed to link back to your blog in reviews, but there’s a profile page – demonstrate your knowledge/value.


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