‘Write an opinion post on your blog’ , Day 19 #31DBBBDay19 with @problogger


Successful bloggers often have strong opinions that they’re not afraid to express, tend to generate more comments, and are perceived as thought leaders (rather than news reporters) within their niches.

Why opinions matter?

  • Sharing your opinion encourages others to share their opinions/comments – encouraging interaction.
  • Help readers translate news & understand how it applies to them – making your content more useful.
  • Demonstrate that you are engaging with news, not just reporting it, and have a genuine interest in your topic.

Makes your blog less BLAND, and gives a unique flavour…

Today’s Task

  • Give your opinion on a personality – and critique their thoughts
  • A product? Give an opinion on the features and who you think it will be useful for.
  • Tell us what YOU think about a news story
  • Share a useful link/app, etc, tell others what you love about it & when best to use it.

There’s no need to be highly emotional (and in fact that’s damaging), but add clear thoughts/feelings.

Advice on getting going

  • Start small – e.g. a book review, rather than getting embroiled in politics, etc.
  • Avoid controversy for controversy’s sake, but celebrate a diversity of opinions … can snap people out of passive looking & cause engagement.
  • Write with grace! Write in a way that’s inclusive of other people’s views and inclusive of those who disagree [Amen]
  • Work on a community of knowledge – this is what Big Bible seeks to do as it seeks to encourage a range of voices:

“I try to build a sense that it’s okay to disagree, and to promote the idea that together, we know more than any individual. Foster a sense of community and inclusiveness, and try to create an environment where people feel safe to share what they think, because a diversity of opinions is valued.”

You, as the core blogger, set the tone for the blog and what’s acceptable.

Check out ‘Musings of an inappropriate woman’ as an example – of researched & informed opinions!!

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