Another Review: The Lion’s World #bigread13

John Evans reviews Rowan Williams The Lion’s World

Phew! The outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury seems more than a little demob happy. And he continues along this fruitful line:

… the real possibility of joy beyond imagining, the fact that the world we think we know is soaked through with symbolic meaning and intelligent energy. [My emphasis]

I like the phrase “soaked through” — it expresses it so well. I should add that Dr Williams has, in the past, been “accused” of writing densely obstruse books on such subjects as, Dostoevsky and Teresa of Avila.

The Lion’s World examines C.S Lewis’s children’s book series about Narnia, a mythical world that only youngsters can see at first, but which develops into a broad metaphor for a field of action, an alternative world, dominated by the Christlike Aslan, a giant lion.

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