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(from Facebook)

(from Facebook)

I’ve just spotted this picture on my Facebook, thanks to Sian Lawton (who’s choosing our Bible passages for #bigread13).

What a LOVELY simple idea… and judging by the Likes, Comments and Shares already on this in only about 10 minutes on Facebook – it’s hitting a chord with others… if we combine with this Pinterest image – could be explosive!

I used to keep a thankfulness diary, and I definitely think it improved my output on life (I don’t know about you, but I always remember the negative stuff – I can get 25 students in a class saying they loved it, learned lots, etc but I can’t forget the 1 negative comment!). Always simple – day to a page diary from a Poundshop – draw or write at least one thing thankful for in the preceding day – then pray thankfulness! Throw it on the floor… it’s one of the few things I haven’t thrown away in the ‘big clearout’ as it was the year that I went on antidepressants – and it’s good to look back on it. I’ve talked about doing it again this year… but I like this idea (as well/more – I don’t know yet…).. similar to one that Katie James suggested to me … keep a notebook with the compliments/positive feedback that people give you for the days when you feel that you’re not doing anything worthwhile!

Anyway, when I saw this, I immediately thought “is there a digital version of this?” – and if so – how would it work (we don’t always recreate what happens offline, online). There’s something particularly tactile about having a piece of paper, and at the year end, that sense of excitement that you used to get when you sent a film off for processing, and got back those precious 36 pictures and were reminded of the good times. I’m sure there’s ways of doing this digitally, but part of digital literacy is understanding when/where/what circumstances it’s appropriate to use which kinds of technology.. and for this paper/pen and a jar seems like good technology.

I wonder if we should do one, and share some of the highlights this time next year?! After a day thinking about God’s unconditional love.. I’m sure we all have plenty to be thankful for, even in the darkest times.

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