Review by @trinheadmaster of The Lion’s World

Another day, another review … enjoying seeing these – largely positive – reviews:

This book is essential reading for those who already appreciate Narnia. But it should also be read by those who have dismissed the Narnia books as relics of a bygone age. Although they don’t, to my knowledge, appear on any GCSE syllabus they should be on the syllabus of every church secondary school. What a great introduction in Year 7 to English teaching. I know from first-hand experience that these books can be loved by children in many contexts, not least that of inner city London where I work. Seeing children sat reading these books in the school atrium is a great joy. As Williams says: “Lewis, like the best Christian theologians throughout the centuries , helps us to see that what matters is not distance but difference; not an incalculable separation but an inexhaustible strangeness, a refusal to be captured.”

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