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A really helpful review here of The Lion’s Worldby Leanne Alex Bell, coming from the perspective of someone who didn’t love the books as a child, and didn’t want a heavy theological tome! Read an extract here:

Thus, this book came along at an ideal time for me and from the moment I saw it advertised I was very keen to read it.  Having done so and before discussing some of the ideas raised in the book in more detail, I must make two initial observations.  First, it has refreshed and strengthened my admiration for Rowan Williams as a writer and as a theologian, even though this book is by no means what one might call heavyweight theology.  However, what it lacks in depth and detail it more than makes up for by the effectiveness with which it communicates what are very difficult and complex ideas.  For the most part it avoids the complex language and convoluted styles common to the type of books on theology that my husband is currently tackling as part of his journey to ordination and yet, particularly in the second half of the book, Rowan Williams presents us with some fundamental and challenging ideas about what Lewis may have been attempting to achieve in the Narnia stories and how core religious ideas are woven beautifully and organically into the stories.  Secondly, the book works at some level whether you have read everything Lewis ever put to paper or, like me, you have never finished any of his work.

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