Blog Round-Up December 15-31

Our #digidisciple(s) have continued to provide excellent content, and below, we’ll attempt to summarise by theme.


Advent reflections continued, Andy Byers looks at The God who Rips Sky & Veil, Sally Coleman reflected how we live in a broken world, into which God’s light can shine, something which Andy echoed in a very personal post on the Newtown shootings.

Dot Gosling reflected upon the birth of her children, encouraging us to see waiting as something that can be embraced.  As Christmas arrived, Kate Bruce talked to those who have lost the wonder of Christmas, whilst Ned Lunn questioned what is “The” real meaning of Christmas. Pam Webster , Ali Gledhill and Robb Sutherland all reflected that Christmas Day is not the end of Christmas, whilst Darren Hill challenged Christmas ‘traditions’.

Paul Blakey looked back on 2012, and considered how God will make all things new for 2013... where there’s opportunities to read the Bible in a year, and also a challenge to think about how you live your life.  Helen Nicholls echoed this in calling for us to be ‘set apart’ in the world.


Another review of The Lion’s World discovered, otherwise all the work on this has been ‘backroom’ stuff. Our reflectors are working on their reflections (to be ready for first full week in January), Premier Christian Media will be filming videos with Rowan Williams on 25th January, and don’t forget that the full text is on Seed Resources.


As always, Bryony Taylor, comes up with a creative way to use Facebook features – a year in review this time, as a basis for prayer. Bex questioned whether everything needs to be digital – having spotted a simple thank-you opportunity via Facebook. Tim Hutchings looked at the Pope’s first week on Twitter, and some of the reactions to that.

Thomas Mathie highlighted Craig Mod’s site, discussing the digital-physical in creating Flipboard. This post was picked up by Craig Mod leading to a lot of traffic! We questioned whether Jesus would have been on Facebook, picking up a story from Mashable.

We interviewed Ned Lunn & Mark Stennett about the advent projects which they’ve been involved with this year, and to Kathryn Rose about @onlinecarols – first run by @vahva last year – and highlighted its start. We also saw the Christmas story written in text messages.

We interviewed Andy from The Church Sofa for #FollowFriday.


Andrew Salt looked at software for ticketing events, which finally encouraged us to use Eventbrite for our #BigBible Saturday Sessions – the next one is this Saturday (5th)! Bex then had a go with Wordle – to produce some Carols in a different form.


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