#FollowFriday with #Digidisciple: 6 Questions with @AilsaWright

Ailsa WrightToday we meet Ailsa Wright who has been blogging for The Big Bible Project since July 2011.

Who are you? What’s your role in life? What’s your personal ‘story’ to date?

I’m mother of four grown up children; have one grandchild and two more on the way. I am a teacher and counsellor in my offline work; a pastor, counsellor and learner in my online work. I came to faith as a small child but nearly lost my faith, having it restored by joining an online church.

What made you interested in becoming a #digidisciple for Big Bible? What do you feel you’ve gained?

It seemed to me that those of us who are seeking to live as Christians in the digital world can be quite isolated despite our great connectedness so joining in a conversation with others made sense. It’s a good discipline, to stop every couple of months and reflect on what being a digidisciple means.

What are your particular area(s) of interest that you are most likely to blog about for Big Bible?

Second Life, online community.

What else might we find out about you if we followed your other areas of ‘online presence’?

http://slangcath.wordpress.com (I don’t have a personal blog). Twitter @AilsaWright, http://www.facebook.com/ailsa.m.wright

As we engage with the Bible, how do you think the (stories in the) Bible can inform what we do online, in whatever sense?

The Bible concerns people and their story as they interact with God and with one another. People are still people even if our contact with them is mediated by some form of digital medium and so the wisdom of the Bible can help us understand and relate to those whom we meet.

Finally, what’s verse would you send us out with today?

Psalm 18:2

Digidisciple(s) minister in a world that can seem less than solid; this verse reminds us of what is solid in our lives – God.

About Ailsa Wright

Lay Pastor of Anglicans of Second Life, teacher, counsellor. Living in Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England.