Living Out Loud – Bible Out Loud – an exciting project unveiled by @revmegangray

Yesterday something pretty amazing happened. A group of athletes, both former and current, from the University of South Carolina unveiled a “project”. In many ways it reminds me of the Big Bible project. The project may have started like this, “How can we use the opportunities that have been given to us and the technology that is available to spread the gospel?” At its heart that should be the question that every Christian asks themselves.

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The project that the USC athletes announced yesterday is simple. Can you memorize a bible verse, record a video of you saying it and upload it to their website? How many people will it take to compile the Bible out loud? Which by the way is the website It’s a simple idea. And yet so cool.

How amazing will it be to listen to the bible in a million different voices and faces? There is a double meaning within this project. Like, here is the gospel, the word of God AND here is the the gospel, many different people working together to further the kingdom of God.

Maybe that is the way all evangelism should be. It should be more than the message, but a message within the message. What would it say if these athletes had said that only male athletes between the ages of 18 and 24 can upload a video? Sure, the bible is still being read out loud, but at what expense? How do we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in ways that limit the message?

I’m very excited about this project and invite you to join in, helping to record the Bible out loud. But more than that it has me thinking. What are the ways that I can not only proclaim the good news but also put it on display? I haven’t made too many resolutions this year, but I believe that through this project I have found one. Not only will I be reading out loud, but living out loud. In 2013, I will make my life speak the good news and not just say it!

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