‘Reading Genesis in a World Dominated by Science’ #BigBible, #SatSess

Prof David Wilkinson

Prof David Wilkinson

Come and join us on Saturday 2nd February 2013, 10,30am-12 noon. Professor David Wilkison (St John’s, University of Durham) will be speaking at St John’s on ‘Reading Genesis 1 in a world dominated by science’, drawing upon Genesis 1. Come to the Wesley Study Centre – we’ll be setting up from 10am, and not expecting to have lunch with this session.

The event will also be livestreamed online. Join us:

Originally trained as an astrophysicist, and a Methodist Minister, Prof David Wilkinson is next to speak, on

My current work involves the relationship of the Christian theology to contemporary culture, from science to pop culture. I have had a long interest in the dialogue of science and religion, especially as it impacts the physical sciences. God, Time and Stephen Hawking (Monarch, 2001) and Christian Eschatology and the Physical Universe (T&T Clark 2010) are examples of that work.  This work forms some of the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching that I do in the department where I teach modules in science and theology. My PhD is in Systematic Theology and explored Christian eschatology.

Read Prof David Wilkinson’s full staff profile at the University of Durham.

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