The Menu Structure #BigRead13

bigread13Working on the assumption that most housegroups are around 2 hours long, the following structure is provided for #BigRead13.

Nibbles (30 mins)

A true opportunity to get to know each other better, whilst getting your brains thinking about the topic for the week. If your housegroup eats together, this is the perfect time to do this.

Main (40-60 mins)

Here we tuck into a hearty ‘main course’. C.S. Lewis kicked off the conversation by writing the Narnia series, Rowan Williams brought the conversation to us with The Lion’s World, our reflectors develop the conversation, drawing from The Lion’s World and the Gospel of Luke, and then we pass it over to you to continue the conversations in your house-groups.

Pudding (20 mins)

Here there is an option of either ‘Hot Pudding’ – joining in a debate as a group, or a ‘Cold Pudding’ – a more creative or reflective activity, followed by prayer.

After-Dinner Chocs (10 mins)

We are keen on highlighting 24/7 Christianity, so take away an activity for the week. Let us know on the blog which you’re doing, or if you’ve an idea for another activity!

The topic outlines are here, and materials will be online FREELY DOWNLOADABLEshortly.

Online Interaction: #BigRead13

It’s very easy to speak to the same people in your homegroup, church, but there’s a HUGE range of opinions, and we’d love it if you’d bring your thoughts and questions to that week’s blog post, or the Facebook group, then we can have ‘Bigger Bible Conversations’


Downloadable publicity is available in download format.

[There will be a 90 second video from Rowan Williams here]


Email [email protected] or tweet @bigbible with queries.

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