Times of plenty for some, times of lean for many @KatieHarrisonTF #IF

It’s a busy day for many of us today.  We’re part of a group of more than 100 organisations launching the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign, to call on Prime Minister David Cameron to use the UK’s leadership of G8 to tackle global hunger.

There’s a policy report, an event, a bunch of celebrities and the world’s first Twitter-powered 3D projection show which we’re expecting to see on this evening’s news bulletins.

And, at the heart of it all, there are people.

Give Us Today #IF


People who haven’t got enough food to eat or to give their children, and who woke up hungry this morning and will go to bed hungry tonight.

People who – like you and me – live in a world where there is enough food for everyone, and yet the injustices of our society mean that the equivalent of the populations of the US, Canada, Europe and Australia are too weak from hunger to work or to fight off infection, so they remain weak and poor.

We’re in Genesis this month, where we see another story about food, hunger and times of plenty for some.

In chapters 41 and 42, Joseph, who has experienced more than his fair share of injustice, takes a wise decision to manage the food supply so that food is not wasted during times of prosperity and so people don’t go hungry when the harvests fail.

Just like some of the people we work with through Tearfund, who are living with the injustice of climate change. Caused by the actions of those of us in richer countries, climate change means that weather patterns are unpredictable and have devastating consequences.

But many people are finding the help they need to adapt their farming, fishing and food production to plant different kinds of crops so they don’t over-rely on one kind of food.

It’s called climate adaptation and it’s one of the things the Enough Food For Everyone If campaign is calling for the G8 and others to address.

So, what’s that got to do with anything – this tenuous mish-mash of campaign plug, heartstring-pulling and passing reference to Genesis?

Well, my point is that, even though we are way further forward in the fight against poverty than ever before, there are some things that stay the same.

Like Joseph’s experience, there are people in the world who have food and people who don’t. 

And there are hard feelings in some places, and attitudes that need to change.

There are people who want to hold on to what they have and are scared to give up their sense of entitlement to a comfortable life.

And there are opportunities for us to tackle some of the toughest challenges in our world – climate change, tax evasion, exploitation of land, abuse of power.

They’re not easy challenges which is why, in a world where we’ve come so far in many other ways, we still face them.

To be honest, if it were easy we’d have fixed this stuff by now.

But we haven’t and so it’s time to name those challenges, and the people who are most affected by them, and state our intention to be the generation that tackles them once and for all.

So, in the biggest anti-poverty campaign since Make Poverty History, we’ll use what power we have to speak with and for those who don’t have any.

And for the first time in a campaign this scale, we’re able to see what the digital world can offer as we bring together millions of people to stand against injustice and call for change.

twitter-bird-light-bgsIt starts today with the Twitter-powered projection, as social media help us to join our voices together in a huge visual display of outrage at the injustice that keeps one in eight of the world’s population hungry.

And social media will form the bedrock of the campaign for the next six months, bringing people into conversations, lobbying politicians and decision-makers, mobilising us to get together in ‘real life’ and telling the stories of all of us who eat, fast, are hungry or wonder what it’s like to go without.

Of all the comms tools at our disposal in this campaign – media, celebrities, petitions, events, stunts, ads – social media is perhaps the most levelling.  Anyone and everyone can be part of the conversation and form a groundswell of support for using our leadership of the G8 for good.

We all have a voice. What is yours going to say?

Use #IF today to help power the 3D projection this evening.



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