#BigRead13: Day 1: Creation

Each day we will select an extract from the Narnia novels, The Screwtape Letters or Mere Christianity, combined with a Bible passage (not necessarily restricted to Luke’s gospel), something to think about, a prayer, and an action (usually from @40Acts).

Wed love it, if youre blogging, that you draw attention to other resources online that we can also connect with. 

Housegroup Materials: http://archive.bigbible.uk/2013/01/bigread13-week-1-the-god-of-surprises-sheridanvoysey/

The Magician's Nephew  CoverC.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew

“Far overhead from beyond the veil of blue sky which hid them the stars sang again; a pure, cold, difficult music. Then there came a swift flash like fire (but it burnt nobody) either from the sky or from the Lion itself, and every drop of blood tingled in the children’s bodies, and the deepest, wildest voice they had ever heard was saying: “Narnia, Narnia, Narnia, awake. Love. Think. Speak. Be walking trees. Be talking beasts. Be divine waters.”

Bible: Genesis 1:1-31: http://audacious.me/bible/Gen.1.MSG

Think: What do you think of when you hear: Awake; Love, Think, Speak, Be?

Pray: We thank you for the world of beauty that you have created for us, and pray that we will ‘take time to be’, look after and help others enjoy your world.

Action: Check 40Acts for “Create a Generosity Kit”

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