Blog Round-Up February 1-14

So, what have our awesome #digidisciple(s) been writing about this past fortnight:


Lions_World_2-1So, February, we’re seeking to be “Inspired by Exodus”, although we had our ‘Saturday Session’ with David Wilkinson on ‘Reading Genesis in an Age of Science‘. Sunday School Lady gives us an insight into Exodus, whilst Dave Roberts gives us a 60 second overview.

Alastair Roberts loves Exodus and so provided his first post for us, considering Exodus as a story of new birth, and Andy Byers tied into the salvation story. Laura Sykes looked at Moses journey and considered how far individual pilgrimages are of value in the context of community needs, whilst Anita Mathias looked at the value in our failures and brokenness to our Christian journey. Rector Chick struggled with the theatricality of Exodus.

We had a query about whether there are any brief overviews of the Bible, and Nick Morgan provided his ‘breathless swim‘ through the New Testament, and Ernie Feasey has been ‘immersed in Ephesians‘. Nancy Wallace continues her series of ‘Women in the Gospels’ looking at the Widow’s Mite. Don’t forget also, if you have access, that they’ll be a miniseries on “The Bible” on The History Channel.


#BigRead13 is the third year that we’ve run “Big Read”, with a new face: Rowan Williams. We had a chat with Audacious, and checked out their recommended story on Narnia. We submitted a press release to Durham University press team, and they improved it massively! We gave a few tips on engaging with the content we’ve provided, and then we started posting daily materials – see Day 1.

We run #BigRead13, but we also love to know what else is going on for Lent, so that more people are encouraged to find the thing that suits them, including: Lent Madness, @40Acts, #NotBusy – which Bryony Taylor tells us about in more detail, collecting more links on Storify.


Accessibility, despite it’s legal requirement, is not something that we’re great at – Jonathan Blundell suggests a new tool to help us provide more appropriate resources.


Richard Littledale encourages us to see our online/offline worlds as interlocking webs, and Tony Whittaker also emphasises that our technology needs to be hard-wired into our community. SiPech looked at Mosaic law and considered what faith informed by such looks like from our digital perspective. Pam Smith thinks about how Exodus encourages us to ‘set the captives free‘ and wonders how we can do this online, whilst David Cloake considers how much presentation counts.

We had another look at an extract from the Pope’s message for ‘World Communications Day‘. Anders Orsander identified his ‘10 Commandments of Social Media‘. We announced that our editor, Dr Bex Lewis, had accepted an invitation to ‘See for Herself’ Tearfund’s work in Uganda, and to blog about it.

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