Christian bloggers head for Uganda to see poverty for themselves #TFBloggers

On Sunday 24th February, three of the UK’s top Christian bloggers will be travelling with international aid agency Tearfund to visit community projects in Uganda. The social media-led trip will be a chance for these bloggers to use their range of creative skills to tell the stories of how the church is changing lives in communities all over the world.

University of Durham research fellow Dr Bex Lewis, cartoonist Dave Walker, and Anglican ordinand Liz Clutterbuck will be spending a week living alongside one of the poorest communities in the world.

Dr Bex Lewis (Tearfund)

Dr Bex Lewis (Tearfund)

“What I love about this invitation from Tearfund is that they are so confident in what they are doing that there are no restrictions about what we might say.” said Dr Bex Lewis, of CODEC and Big Bible. “It’s a great opportunity see how digital tools can impact the way we support, and how we tell the stories of lives transformed in a global world.”

The trip is part of Tearfund’s See For Yourself initiative, which allows supporters to give regularly and follow one community in Africa, Asia or Latin America, and watch as their donations transform lives before their eyes, as they receive regular photo, video, email and prayer updates.

In the same way, people will be able to follow the journey of the bloggers in Uganda by following their updates on social networks and Tearfund’s website – creating a very live experience. The bloggers will be using a variety of mediums to tell their stories, including micro-blogging, video, illustration and photography.

“We live in a digital age where sharing is as natural as breathing,” said Tearfund’s UK Director Andrew McCracken. “We’re so excited that they will be able to see for themselves the amazing changes are happening thanks to the local church. Those are stories worth sharing.”

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