Come Further Up, Come Further In #BigRead13

Come Further Up, Come Further In

Come Further Up, Come Further In

As I met with the team from Audacious earlier this week – you’ll likely hear more of them from us – we fell to talking about #BigRead13, and recently a post had been posted on the Audacious site – worth a read – here’s a snippet:

Although one must understand that it is not 100% spot on, Lewis does use a unique and beautiful way of painting the Gospel message through the storyline of β€œThe Chronicles of Narnia.” He had a brilliant way of linking different objects, animals and ordinary things to the spiritual realm. His analogies contain a spiritual depth and meaning that are hard to find in our day and age. A lovely melody can be recognized out of the way Lewis entertains his readers while leading them into a level of profound reflection on the Truth that is cleverly portrayed throughout the Chronicles. He provokes hearts to seek depth, beauty, and genuineness.

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