Engaging with #BigRead13

The #BigRead13 is a combination of housegroup material and daily blog material, which we anticipate will span out into further conversation online. Here’s where you can find us online:

  • The core material for housegroups, including video downloads, etc. is available on the #BigRead13 page.
  • Daily blog posts will appear on this blog at 00.01, and on the Facebook group around 7am.
  • See #BigRead13 on Twitter.
  • If you’d like to be part of a moderated forum/online housegroup, check out the @layanglicana forum:

layanglicanaPlease let us know if you’re planning to blog along, as we’d love to ‘connect’ the conversations!


About bigbible

The #BigBible Project. Educating in the digital spaces, creating 'bigger Bible conversations' between #digidisciple(s). Look out for #bigread14.