I’m not busy this Lent – except in taking part in the #bigread13!

My digidisciple post this month has managed to coincide with a load of essay deadlines! It’s been tricky today (writing this on Monday 11th February) trying to write an essay whilst the huge news about the Pope’s resignation raged over every social network! In the midst of it all I spotted some tweets about a campaign running through Lent called ‘I’M NOT BUSY’.

I have written quite a few times about trying to take a ‘digital sabbath‘ and it’s always been a topic here on Big Bible of how to have a deep spirituality in a world of sometimes shallow social media. So not having spent much time planning what to do for Lent this year (apart from taking part in the Big Read of course!) this ‘I’M NOT BUSY‘ site was a serendipitous find. Here’s how the campaign describes itself:

Busyness has become a disease.

The developed world is suffering from an epidemic of major proportions, and the disease at the heart of it is busyness.

We are addicted to doing one thing after another with as little down-time as possible. This is a sickness, a spiritual sickness.

Time is more precious than chocolate.

Time is so precious because . . .

  • It can’t be stored or managed
  • The longer you live the faster time ebbs away
  • You only live once
  • It’s a gift

Lent is the time to take up a spiritual discipline which reflects Jesus’ 40-days and nights in the wilderness. Whatever else we can say about Jesus’ time there, we know he was definitely not busy. So why not take a leaf out of his book and find a way to cast busyness aside?

Bryony Taylor at St Ninian's chapel, ScotlandI’m going to try and give this a whirl. Even though I’m at theological college and I have prayer times built into my timetable it is still really easy to buy into our culture of busyness being a virtue. The challenge is to spend a limited time each day – between 10 and 30 minutes – doing absolutely nothing, just letting time pass. People are going to be sharing their experiences via the hashtag #notbusy and the Facebook page. I’ll try and share my experiences when I next write my post on March 13th.

What are you planning to do for Lent?


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