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Before I set off on this trip to Uganda, I suggested that we’d likely be posting back daily thoughtful blog posts on BigBible, which would be more formal than those on my own blog – very aspirational – we actually spend much of our time bumping along tracks, and get back with an hour to spare before dinner.. and without signal in the villages, we are then creating everything from scratch on limited data connections…'s_hierarchy_of_needs.png’s_hierarchy_of_needs.png

I’ve been particularly interested to chase stories about the impact of the digital – on the communities we meet, on the country as a whole, as supporters of charities, and on the charity workers themselves (it must be encouraging to see stories of how their work has helped) – yesterday I wrote a piece questioning “The Mobile Revolution?” – and it’s incredibly clear if we think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, that these extremely poor rural communities are still working at the physiological and safety levels – but that mobile phones are making a big difference – most notably in connecting the communities, families (who would otherwise have been several days walk), safe movement of money, and in being able to check market prices before going to market – to see what can be bought for a good price – but more importantly whether it’s worth the journey to sell – otherwise if they get there with the load, they have to sell for whatever they can get. There’s another post on the topic coming from a chat with Ben – 830am tomorrow.

Meantime – you can see our stories here:

and don’t forget to check out the project that we’re getting to “See for Ourselves” – with stories to share more widely amongst Tearfund supporters – old and – hopefully – new!

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