Set the Captives Free #Digidisciple (@RevPamSmith)

The Book of Exodus tells us how God chose Moses, an unlikely leader, to take his people out of slavery and to the Promised Land.

Enslaved people in the American South were forced to attend Christian church services to teach them to accept their fate meekly. The story of Moses leading his enslaved people out of Egypt inspired them to seek freedom for themselves. They heard the book of Exodus as a direct promise from God to set all slaves free.

Bob Marley’s song Exodus was a political and a spiritual response to the oppression of Rastafarians in Jamaican society.  Marley’s call to ‘set the captives free’ led to an attempt to kill him.

  • As digital disciples, how can we set people free?
  • What are the things that enslave us or oppress us online?
  • What captivity does Exodus call each of us out of?

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