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This Sunday I’m preaching a sermon on the Last Supper. Jesus’ and his disciples gathered together that night to celebrate the Passover. They gathered to reenact the story of God saving the Israelite people from slavery in Egypt. They tell the story of the Exodus, the journey that took them from oppression to freedom, from bondage to the promised land.

Starting on Ash Wednesday, we too are going on a journey. We will journey to the cross in anticipation of the resurrection. And for each of us who observe Lent this can be a time of Exodus for us. The hard part is realizing what it is that has us in bondage. Most of us are not in physical bondage as slaves, yet we are all shackled by something. (Let us take a moment to remember that many people throughout the world still are in physical bondage and they need our prayer and our work of justice.) There is something that is holding us tight, threatening our freedom, enslaving us.

I believe that the thing that is holding each of us back, that is keeping us from being the people that God created us to be is different for each of us. But its essence is sin. The bread and the wine should remind us, as they did the Israelites, that we are free. We are free from sin. But sin still holds us back. Why is that?

The Israelites had narrowly escaped Pharaoh and his armies through the miraculous parting of the Red Sea as they fled Egypt. God had carefully orchestrated their release. God provided for them in the wilderness. God guided them through the seemingly endless desert. And yet when things became difficult they pleaded for Moses to take them back to Egypt.

This is how it is in our lives. Christ died so that our sins would be forgiven. The freedom from sin is ours…NOW. But we still turn back to the bondage. We choose another path. And so, throughout this Lent I will be searching out practices for my life, both of piety and mercy, which will lead me on a journey. I am hoping that this journey will help me to understand why I have chosen in so many ways to turn my back on the promised land and head back to Egypt. This Lent I will in Exodus mode, fully acknowledging and living into the promised that I have been freed from sin and contemplating what is that I have been freed for at this season in my life.
May we this Lent journey together toward the promised land, a land free from slavery, sin, and death.

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