The top 5 reasons why churches need to get into social media (@drbexl)


“God is extravagant in communication – he’s not a silent God who has to be tempted into communicating with people.” (David Wilkinson, CODEC)

  • In the physical world relationships and communities are built around our interests and activities: friends, faith; work; social; local. For many these relationships are echoed in online spaces, and we need to ensure that a) we are the same person, living by the same values in both ‘spaces’; b) in a missional sense, we are where the people are.
  • Every second, there are around 50,000 comments made on Facebook, 3 hours of video uploaded on YouTube, over 5000 Tweets, and over 120,000 searches on Google.
  • Those in church leadership need to understand what social media is, so that an informed choice about engagement can be made. Fears about ‘loss of control’ need to be overcome, and leaders can then encourage and support those within their congregation who would be keen to undertake work in the digital spaces.
  • Searches on topics such as the ‘Bible’ and ‘Christian’ can produce a lot of negative results. We need people in the ‘digital spaces’, producing positive and engaging Christian content for the search engines to ‘digest’.
  • Social media is great for listening, and we can gain a wider knowledge of the world, and then give people easier access to resources, reach people where they are, and enable new relationships, without waiting for people to cross the church threshold.

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