#BigRead13: Day 19: Goodness

Each day we will select an extract from the Narnia novels, The Screwtape Letters or Mere Christianity, combined with a Bible passage (not necessarily restricted to Luke’s gospel), something to think about, a prayer, and an action (usually from @40Acts).

Wed love it, if youre blogging, that you draw attention to other resources online that we can also connect with. 

Mere ChristianityC.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

“The Christian is in a different position from other people who are trying to be good. They hope, by being good, to please God if there is one; or — if they think there is not — at least they hope to deserve approval from good men. But the Christian thinks any good he does comes from the Christ-life inside him. He does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us; just as the roof of a greenhouse does not attract the sun because it is bright, but becomes bright because the sun shines on it.”

Bible: Ephesians 2:10 http://biblia.com/bible/nlt/Eph2.10

Think: How much are you driven by the need to do ‘good works’? How can God encourage you to rest in him.

Pray: Lord, we thank you that you accept us as we are, with all our fears and failures, but that you have big visions of what is possible for us.

Action: Check out the latest activity on #God52 http://god52.wordpress.com/.

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