#BigRead13: Day 45: Beloved

Each day we will select an extract from the Narnia novels, The Screwtape Letters or Mere Christianity, combined with a Bible passage (not necessarily restricted to Luke’s gospel), something to think about, a prayer, and an action (usually from @40Acts).

Wed love it, if youre blogging, that you draw attention to other resources online that we can also connect with. 

The Last BattleC.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

“Emeth speaking of Aslan, “Beloved, said the Glorious One, unless thy desire had been for me thou wouldst not have sought so long and so truly. For all find what they truly seek…And since then, O Kings and Ladies, I have been wandering to find him and my happiness is so great that it even weakens me like a wound. And this is the marvel of marvels, that he called me Beloved, me who am but as a dog”

Bible: John 15:16 http://bible.cc/john/15-16.htm

Think: How much happiness do we feel at being chosen by God? That he gave Himself for us?

Pray: Thank you that you chose each and every one of us, that you were prepared to come to earth and die for us – and that we would remember what a privilege it is to be a part of you.

Action: Check 40Acts for “Forgive”

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