Blog Round-Up February 15-28

So, where else has the challenge of Exodus taken our #digidisciple(s):

Holy Ground

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Jackie Davie warns us to beware – if our life is too comfortable, God may shake us out of it – however weak we feel. Kate Bruce is encouraged by the many ‘ordinary folk’ – in films, and in the Bible – without Shiphrah and Puah Moses would have been killed at birth.

Megan Gray ties in with her preaching – what is stopping our own personal Exodus in Lent? Katie Harrison, who has recently been to Syria with Tearfund, describes the modern day Exodus – and the way mobile phones have changed the mourning process.

Andy Byers highlights how God is a multi-media God – using any form of media to get our attention – including the plagues. Robb Sutherland highlights the dangers of cartoonifying the Bible stories – and then wondering why people dismiss it as ‘just a story’.

Dot Gosling encourages us to ensure that we take time out, otherwise we miss our own time on holy ground, potential times of transformation, a theme also highlighted by Pam Webster – what happens if we’re going so fast we miss what God has for us? Ned Lunn encourages us to look at the physical spaces of empty shops around us, and see if they can be transformed into artistic spaces in which we can meet the living God.

We picked up a video in which Jesus is tempted in the desert – in lego form, and Ali Gledhill prepares us for Leviticus with another great overview.


Daily Readings continue to be posted online. Bex and Rich are undertaking daily blogs on the daily topics. Gentle conversation continues on Facebook and Twitter.


Andrew Salt highlights the need to share our faith – whatever the medium – and how Twitter is being used in his community. Bex highlights five reasons why churches need to get into social media.


As you may have noticed, Director of The Big Bible Project, Bex, was invited to ‘see for herself’ the work that Tearfund are doing in Uganda (Official Press Release).

Nick Parish continues his series on ‘holy habits’, looking at Lent as a time of preparation, encouraging us to study – either a character in the Bible, or a biography of a Christian – and how either can give you new insights into God. Thomas Mathie highlights another challenge to rest .. that the Sabbath is given to us as a day to experience ‘heaven on earth’, and we should delight in it.

Nick Morgan questions what it is about social media that makes it seem appropriate to so many to give up social media for Lent, and how that affects what people will see online in the run up to Easter. Paul Blakey demonstrates how #do1nicething aims to encourage positive action, reflected in the digital space. Tim Hutchings circulated a survey questioning what happens to the Bible once we read it on a screen rather than a page.

Finish your time by looking at this spoof G8 video the #IF campaign.


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