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When I think about Leviticus the first thing that comes to mind are all the “Do this” and “Do not do that” in the laws containted in the book. I don’t think I’m the only one to find some of the laws plain and simple common sense, and some of them very peculiar.

Context matters

Some laws must be understood in context to make sense, and this might explain why some laws in Leviticus seem weird to us. In my previous post, I referred to the saying “Don’t feed the trolls”. Out of context that sounds barking mad, doesn’t it? Who believes trolls even exist? This is an important lesson to learn from the laws we find peculiar in Leviticus. It shows the importance of understanding the context. In a young and developing environment such as the online landscape this is particularly essential since the change is quick and the laws are mostly unwritten or informal.

Law, rule or guideline?

Laws are necessary to create order and room for development, without them we have chaos and anarchy. On the other hand, if everyone conforms with the laws all the time, progress is slowed down, or halted altogether. What is absolute law, what is rule that can be bent and what is guideline meant to give general direction?

With a new context, the online world, chuch is facing something that doesn’t quite fit into the box labelled offline church. Even if social media and online church have been around for years by now, they’re still young and online ministry is a rapidly developing one.

What laws, rules and guidelines are needed? What laws, rules and guidelines are challenged? Which applies to online as well as offline chuch? Which, if any, are obsolete? Which do we need to develop or create? Being one and the same church, what can online and offline learn from each other? I think these questions are important to consider, whether your chuch has a lot of online activities or not.

Are these (or other) issues processed in your church? If so, what are your conclusions? Please share them in a comment.

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