Leviticus – a book of Joy – by @partakers_dave – Part 2

Book of Exodus Chapter 29-4 (Bible Illustrations by Sweet Media)

We saw yesterday in Part 1 that I think Leviticus is a book of Joy!  A book of Joy because it reveals a God who wants fellowship and relationship with His people who are to reflect His innate holiness! In today’s excerpt from the Big Read we have this quote


That is a pretty good summary to me of Leviticus. Leviticus reveals how God was to be worshipped, served and obeyed by his people, Israel, marking them out as different from the surrounding nations! We looked at the role of priests being central to the life of Israel as mediators between people and Almighty God.

Some of the laws, rules and sacrifices in Leviticus are strange to us. But that’s probably because we are 21st century humans and not ancient Israelites! For starters, I think it is a good idea not to see the laws and rules as merely a list of “not do” statements, but also as “do statements”.

Let’s look at the sacrificial laws! We have no need to make those sacrifices! At the end of this month of March, we have Easter. Easter marks the ultimate sacrifice, when the God-man Jesus Christ died on the cross. This also shows to me the length that God Himself would go to, in order to live with His created people.  Because of Jesus’ death on the cross, Jesus is our mediator between God and humanity. No longer do human priests need to mediate between God and other humans, because Jesus Christ, the full visible manifestation of God, fulfils that role as mediator and all people would have access to God through Him!

Amazing stuff! You and I have instant access to Almighty God. We can approach God’s throne of grace with confidence and assurance because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  God no longer dwells in a Tent of Meeting, the Tabernacle or the Temple made of stone – He now lives in each believer – immediate access guaranteed! Amazing and yet how often we don’t avail ourselves. How we take that for granted! I know I do! But it is more than that, because as royal priests of the New Covenant, for that is what we are, we too are called into a joyful life of obedient service to God!  God wants you and I to be active in service – life long service hallmarked by loving obedience to Him, which reflects our joyful dedication to Him, to His praise, honour and glory!

After Jesus’ death on the cross, He rose again on the third day and later ascended back to the right hand of God the Father. However, that is not the end of the story. The Holy Spirit was sent to live within God’s people. The Holy Spirit who indwells, baptises, fills, guides, comforts and counsels. This Holy Spirit seals our salvation bought to us through the sacrifice of the Son, Jesus Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live a life of true Joy. A life which is in obedient service to the glory of God the Father, through God the Son Jesus Christ, in the power of God the Holy Spirit who lives in you.

Leviticus, a book of Joy, revealing a holy and glorious God, who is worthy of our worship, life and obedient service.  An ineffable God, who made Himself and His majestic love towards His creation known and revealed through the God-man Jesus Christ and who indwells through the Holy Spirit those who are His children. WOW! What a God! We reveal our love of God, when we love others just as He loves us! Are you ready to love others sacrificially?

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