My best friend Fr Koala is gay (@ChirpyBirdy007) #BigBible

Everyone knows Leviticus because some human Christians use it to argue against same sex relations. Some human Christians oppose same sex relations a lot. The worldwide church is famous for it.

Zadok Koala, ChirpyBirdy007
We were in the supermarket with our human Church Warden. He struck up conversation with a lady who said the Church didn’t like her because she was a lesbian. I was very sad about that. I immediately went on Twitter and said my church likes lesbians. Then lots of lesbians tweeted back and said they liked Church.

The Internet is very good because it allows us to talk directly to gay, lesbian and bisexual humans. We can tell them that there are churches where they are accepted. This is an important part of my digidiscipleship. has a list of churches where  gay, lesbian and bisexual humans are welcome. My human’s church is on Changing Attitude. We also have an LGBT page on our church website.

It’s important to let all humans know that they are welcome in church. After all, if human sexuality were a pie chart based on types of attraction rather than numbers, LGB would make up 75% of it. The T part of LGBT isn’t about sexuality, it’s about wanting to change gender. People who change gender are welcome at our church too.

You don’t need to worry about making LGBT hedgerow animals feel welcome. We take acceptance of everyone for granted in the Hedgerow Church of England.

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