RESOURCES for Media and Technology: A Call for Your Recommendations!

Digital technology is so brand new that biblical and theological resources for engaging it are limited.

This is changing by the month, though. More and more Christians are writing about the church in the digital age. Here at BigBible we would like to share resources that we have found helpful in navigating the benefits, harms, distractions, and delights of online interaction (we’ve started collecting some on Pinterest).

These resources can include books, websites, videos, people… even conversations you may have had with a friend. We are inviting you to write posts about these resources. For videos or websites, provide the links and tell us what you found helpful. For books, you could write a review of sorts, or just describe what you found worth sharing with others. It may be the case that some resources are simply… well, less helpful, to put it gently. Feel free to be honest in your assessments!

One of the benefits of online interaction is collective thinking. So let’s do some collective thinking about online interaction.

But remember that BigBible is ultimately devoted to generating discussions of the Bible within and beyond the cybersphere. So feel free to write about resources that are directly helping you to grow in the wisdom of the Scriptures. These can include Bible apps, a new commentary (okay, some of you read commentaries out there—I know it!), a solid devotional book.

I will be keeping track of the recommendations and at some point we may create a few posts with some extensive lists and corresponding links.


~Andy Byers, Theological Consultant for BigBible

About AndyByers

I serve as the Chaplain for St Mary's College at Durham University while working on a PhD in the Department of Theology. CODEC has also taken me on to work as a theological consultant of sorts for the BigBible blog. My first book is about cynicism toward the church and disillusionment with God—'Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint' (IVP Likewise, 2011). My latest is ‘TheoMedia: The Media of God in the Digital Age’ (Cascade Books, 2013).