The new Facebook news feed and being #notbusy

Facebook announced last week that it is having a ‘spring clean’ of the ‘news feed’ part of the network. The new design has a lot more white space and happens to look an awful lot like Google+! This short video explains a bit about why:

One of the designers in this video says that when they asked Facebook users how they could improve that everyone said that their news feed was ‘too cluttered’. They then go on to describe the redesign as a ‘spring clean’. Lent is a period in the church calendar where we get to have a spiritual ‘spring clean’. It’s interesting that this Facebook redesign has come during Lent and just at the time when I’m trying to be ‘not busy’ as part of the #notbusy campaign I referred to last month.

I promised to report on how I’m getting on with being #notbusy. In truth it’s been one of the hardest Lenten disciplines I’ve tried. I’m amazed at how hard it has been to carve out space each day to do absolutely nothing – even 10 minutes! I have, however, been able to stick to not checking my phone or social media until 9am each day which I have noticed has made a difference to my demeanour. It’s easy to be plugged in constantly to the internet and subsequently to other people. Jesus in his ministry spent periods of time surrounded by huge crowds and then lots of time in solitude. I’m thinking of extending my mobile phone fasting each morning beyond Lent as it seems good to not feel the need to be constantly plugged in.

So alongside Facebook I’m trying to declutter – why? So that I can better connect with not only God but my friends and family, the relationships that are so important to me.

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